Pleasant Prairie Logistics LLC transports vehicles throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. We are the fastest growing subsidiary of JHT Holdings Inc. thanks to our NAFTA carrier relationships, our growing fleet of wholly-owned equipment and our exclusive partnership with Mexicana Logistics S.A. de C.V.


Truck Haul: We utilize a drive-away model where a lead truck pulls up to 3 other trucks providing fuel cost savings and reduced engine mileage.


Carhaul: With the formation of Pleasant Prairie Logistics – Carhaul, the company is returning to its heritage. JHT Holdings was founded in 1934 as Kenosha Auto Transport providing new vehicle delivery services to the automotive light vehicle market and until just a few years ago, continued to be a major carhaul transportation supplier to the OEM community with its Active Transport offering. After a brief market exit and given the robust forecast for automotive production growth over the next few years, we believe an excellent business opportunity existed for a qualified, experienced and value-focused carhaul and related transport services provider. Our Pleasant Prairie Logistics is offering on-demand, multi-mode transportation services which includes:
  • Carhaul Transport – Working with our well established carrier network with over 200+ business partner carriers
  • Lowboy Transport – Utilizing the benefits of an asset based sister company (Unimark), PPL is able to service the class 3-6 product market
  • Drive-away Transport – Service offerings within the JHT family to include individual vehicle, multi-unit and shuttle services


Specialized: We transport a multitude of municipal service vehicles, military vehicles and other long wheelbase chassis.


Lowboy: Through our network of over 100 lowboy trailers, we transport everything from light vehicles to heavy-duty trucks.