JHT’s subsidiaries: Auto Truck Transport, Active Truck Transport, Unimark Truck Transport, and Mexicana Logistics move class 5 - 8 trucks from truck OEM final assembly plants directly to dealers and end customers throughout North America. We transport these trucks using the "saddle-mount" method of delivery. We deck up to 5 trucks using devices called saddles and booms. Each of these devices are mounted to the chassis or fifth wheel of the forward truck.


Driveaway Delivery Configurations

Decking: 2-way Saddle

2-Way Saddle

Decking: 2-way Boom

2-Way Boom

Decking: 3-way Saddle

3-Way Saddle

Decking: 3-way Boom

3-Way Boom

Decking: 3-way Single Rail

3-Way Single Rail Forward
Extended Saddle

Decking: 3-way Dual Rail

3-Way Dual Rail Forward
Extended Saddle

Decking: 4-way Saddle

4-Way Saddle

Decking: 5-way Saddle

5-Way Saddle